What Defines Adorable?


What defines “adorable?” Is it pink glitter tutus and lace chiffon dresses?

Adore a’Belles - Home of Adorable Kids Fashion New Zealand - has put the question to the test in its latest collection, with the addition of girls soft denim dungarees as its newest fashion item.

“We’re sending a message to young girls that femininity is not defined solely by pretty dresses. Girls denim overalls are trending worldwide - they’re practical and absolutely adorable,” says Jamie Rae, of Adore a’Belles.

“It’s girl power at its finest.”

The business provides a range of adorable outfits for boys and girls aged newborn to 8 years. Products include traditional formal wear including suits, suspenders and bow ties for boys and lace dresses, sparkly chiffon tutu dresses and floral headpieces for girls.

A growing range of trendy casual wear includes fun-print and nature print dresses, collared shirts, tunics, hoody and pant sets.   

Adorable baby sets including the ever popular Cake Smash tutu, rompers and ‘One’ shirts are also available as well as a range of newborn outfits.

Adore a’Belles signature item is the Gatsby-inspired Flapper Dress and matching headband, which has proven popular particularly to United States customers and those who attend Napier’s annual Art Deco Festival.

“While we continue to provide our customers with all these garments at affordable prices, we are excited to add in a few alternative pieces for children and their parents to select from,” says Mrs Rae.

“We know personality plays a big part in making those choices.

“My eldest daughter is a real girly-girl. She has Disney Princesses on her wall, wears pretty accessories, nail polish, and loves to draw flowers and hearts. But she’s also the first to want to get her hands dirty learning how to fix the chain on her bike, play the drums, and splash in the biggest, muddiest puddle.

“She can do that in a princess dress. Or she can do it in some classy new overalls. Actually, she’ll probably do both,” Mrs Rae laughs.

“To me, its not just about a good looking item of clothing. In this case we’re sending a message that girls are not simply defined by pink tutus. They have choices.

“Girls and boys can do and wear anything, And that’s important to encourage when raising young children, I believe.”

To shop online, visit www.adoreabelles.co.nz and be sure to join the Adore a’Belles community on Facebook and on Instagram.



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