'Isolation Birthdays' - Homemade Gift Ideas

How are you and the kids getting on during lockdown so far? It truly is a challenging time and we hope you're all doing okay! 
We've been thinking of children with birthdays over the next few weeks. Party plans have sharply altered to celebrations at home and some have been left scrambling for gift ideas with many shops now being closed.
With this in mind, we've scoured the internet to find Home Made Gift Ideas to help make children's birthdays in lockdown just as special!



Kids love colouring! Why not create a Stationery Cake! 
There are literally hours of fun to be had with a stack of colouring pens, glue sticks, PVA, crayons, pencils, markers, cellotape, scissors, stickers, erasers, stamps, chalk, ribbon, card and paper. 
Fortunately, most items are easily found at your local supermarket or essential store.



If you're handy with a hammer and nails and some off-cuts of wood then it won't take long to build a super fun mud kitchen for your little one. 

Decorate with old kitchen utensils, add a bucket for a sink - this is a gift to be enjoyed for a long time to come! (Perfect alongside a sandpit!)

There's plenty of neat mud kitchen ideas on Google - you could even transform an old furniture piece - anything will do!



Most kids love playdoh and providing you can get your hands on some flour - this gift idea will be a favourite. Here's a great recipe! Why not split the mixture for colour variation - even add a dash of glitter for a bit of sparkle!
2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoons cooking oil
2 tablespoons cream of tartar or baking soda
2 cups boiling water
1 teaspoon food colouring (into the water)



What a wonderful way to spend some time - lazing in a hammock and enjoying the garden view or a story. Hammocks are fairly simple to make - make sure you have good, strong fabric - if it's long enough you can tie the ends to something sturdy like trees in the garden. I've even seen one that wraps around and under the dining table for an indoor kids retreat!



Indoor or outdoor - a teepee provides a fun spot for children to play in or relax. 
This can be easily created with sheets, tying the poles (light weight sticks - what ever you can find!) with rope or ribbon at the top. 
Scatter some comfy cushions and a rug and you have a wonderful gift providing hours of enjoyment for your little ones.



Nothing says 'birthday' like sweet treats and this simple idea is easy to recreate using the treats you allow your child to have. Coloured popcorn, lollypops, and chocolate are just some ideas to add in. Decorate in your child's favourite theme.


Know someone who'd like these ideas? Feel free to share this blog post with them! We're all in this together!
Stay safe everyone!


Jamie x

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