Baby’s First Birthday Party - 10 Tips for Success!

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A first birthday is one of the biggest milestones you’ll celebrate as parents - and rightfully so. You and your baby have survived the first 365 days together! Congratulations!! You’ve gone through sleepless nights, enjoyed first smiles, and now your baby is most likely on the move (or soon will be)! It's a joyous occasion and one many parents choose to celebrate with a First Birthday Bash  (or popular ‘Cake Smash)

The team at Adore a’Belles are your one stop shop for gorgeous first birthday outfits and have put together Ten Tips for a Stress-Free First Birthday…


Pick a time, a date and place for your little one's big event. You’ll want to think about warmth and noise particularly in consideration of your youngest (and eldest) guests. A hall is good for space but can  accentuate noise and also be a little drafty. Your home, grandparent’s home, or community room could be a good choice - somewhere that you’re not competing with the public.

Pick a date close to or on your baby’s actual birthday, and a time that fits around baby’s nap time - it is after all his big day and he’ll want to be well rested!

2. IT’S NOT A 21ST

You may feel like inviting all your Facebook friends, but don’t! Keep it intimate. Invite those who have actively shared in you and your baby’s first year together, including family and close friends. Too many people can be overwhelming for babies and also for yourself! Keep your guest list to a minimum this time round - there’ll be plenty of time for bigger parties later on.


Realistically, the party food at a first birthday is mostly for the adults. Simple age-appropriate and tasty finger foods are a good thing to put on offer for the wee babes - you’re not going to want to pull out the lolly mix just yet! Cut up grapes, bananas, other fruit/veges, and your baby’s favourite healthy snacks are good options at this age. Of course the treat will be the cake! Adults may enjoy some tasty finger food also - chips, dips etc.


If you’re doing an ever popular Cake Smash then the Cake is something you’ll want to put a bit of thought into. It will be the centre piece for your photos and for some babies it will be the first time they’ve ever tried delicious cake! If you’re making it yourself, you may want to trial it first. A simple flavour like banana, or chocolate is a good choice for a first birthday. The icing and decorations may fit into a colour scheme you have chosen. If you do not want to create a cake yourself (or don’t have time!) then there are plenty of cake makers out there who specialise in First Birthdays. Ask around!


The outfit you select for your baby’s first birthday will be evident in photographs and remembered for years to come so you’ll want to choose something truly memorable. Check out for an adorable outfit for your little boy or girl, including First Birthday tutus, dresses, t-shirts, crowns, headpieces and more!


Simple is always best! There’s no need to over-complicate a first birthday. Your baby’s favourite people, a cake and a happy birthday song will mark the occasion perfectly. There’s no need for elaborate decorations for one year olds. One helium balloon can be effective and keep your little one entertained all day (without the risk of popping!)


Music can provide a good backdrop for adults to relax and enjoy the party (make sure it’s not too loud) .They’ll most likely be happy to chat and admire your little one enjoying their special day. If there are other children, a box of toys or game will keep them entertained for the duration of the party (hopefully!)


It’s a good idea to take photos of your baby with their family/friends at the start of the celebrations. Babies tend to get overwhelmed in new and busy environments and may not give you the smiling photos you are hoping for if you leave it to the end of the party when tiredness sets it. Get it over and done with and relax and enjoy!


Don’t be afraid to delegate and ask for help on the big day. Remember you have baby’s usual needs to attend to and may want someone else to dish out the drinks and savouries. Also, parents (grandparents) often like to have something to ‘do’ and feel part of the special event - use that to your advantage and ask them to help, even if it’s just looking after the birthday boy/girl while you mingle with guests.


Just like any event - there are a range of factors any of which could not pan out perfectly. With babies in the mix, the odds are that there will be tears at some point! Don’t fret. Go with whatever happens and relax. These moments of imperfection can often be humorous and may well make for a truly memorable first birthday party.

With these ten tips, we hope you go into your baby’s first birthday planning feeling more confident and relaxed. We hope you and your baby enjoy the special day!

We’d love to hear all about your First Birthday celebrations - did these tips help you? And do you have any others to add?

Written by Jamie Rae of Adore a’Belles NZ - home of Affordable Kids Fashion including First Birthday Party Outfits



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