Black Jazz Slippers Canvas
Cheap Jazz Shoes

Jazz Dancing Slippers

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Girls black canvas jazz/ballet slippers

Please select by following sizing: (measure cm from heel to toe then add 0.5 cm for comfort/growth)

SIZE25=about 16.5CM
SIZE26=about 17CM
SIZE27=about 17.5CM
SIZE28=about 18CM
SIZE29=about 18.5CM
SIZE30=about 19CM
SIZE31=about 19.5CM
SIZE32=about 20CM
SIZE33=about 20.5CM
SIZE34=about 21CM
SIZE35=about 21.5CM
SIZE36=about 22CM
SIZE37=about 22.5CM
SIZE38=about 23CM
SIZE39=about 23.5CM
SIZE40=about 24CM

25-32 = approx 4 up to 8 years
32-37 = approx 8-12 years
38 and up = approx 13 -15 years

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